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Threading is GROSS!

Happy Thursday to all!

It has been nearly two months since I have written because, as most of you know, I have been working with my partner on starting our very own salon, spa, and yoga studio! It has been the most incredible and awesome experience, and the best is yet to come!

(steps off of soapbox and jumps back into the topic at hand)

So, threading, it’s cheaper, it seems faster, so that must be better, right? WRONG! Threading is not only illegal in the state of Indiana for estheticians to perform, but it is also downright unsanitary; here’s why:

  1. The thread: it comes off of a shelf at Wal-Mart, or whatever big box store has it on sale, and it is NOT sanitized. These tiny little spools of thread sit in warehouses amongst mice, cockroaches, dust, environmental debris, and whatever they come into contact with in their likely-made-in-China-then-shipped-to-us lifespan. No alcohol, UV sanitzer, autoclave, etc. Nothing. Nada. Ew.
  2. Gloves:¬†where are the gloves for the technicians? MIA permanently. Why? They don’t have to wear them, so why spend the money? No governing body or department has any health code regulations for them to follow. Do they have sinks on hand? Don’t even get me started on how nasty hand sanitizer is (and how awful it is for your hands and immune system).
  3. They use their mouths. Do I really need to elaborate?
  4. Unsanitized equipment. Refer to points one and two; there are no rules for threading in the state of Indiana (other than it is so unsanitary that licensed professionals cannot legally do it). It is highly unlikely the $7 service helps pay for disinfectant for their equipment.
  5. It takes longer, and they have you apply (sometimes) isopropyl alcohol to freshly removed hair and skin that has been rug-burned with tiny pieces of rope. Alcohol is the absolute worst thing to use on your skin. It depletes the acid mantle that naturally keeps bacteria out, it dehydrates the transepidermal (water) layer, and it freaking burns! Do not (unless you’re stranded and just took a dump) use any alcohol products on your hands under any developed-world circumstance!

Please consider your health and the integrity of your skin when deciding how you remove your hair. The professionals who take the time to go to school, learn health and safety, continue their education, obtain and maintain a professional license are the individuals you should trust with your skin and hair removal. They will be reinvesting your dollars into appropriately maintained equipment, sanitation products, and supplies. Gloves matter. Cleanliness matters!

Ready to book with me? Visit www.vagaro.com/bargersvillewellness

Up next: The top ten reasons YOU need to take one of my yoga classes; even if you don’t do yoga!


April 20, 2019

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