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Bargersville Wellness believes in
reproductive freedom and equality for all!

We issued the following statement on
January 8, 2023 to the Indiana ACLU:

1.Why do you support reproductive freedom?  

Reproductive freedom, and fighting for reproductive rights, truly should not be a concern for any pregnant person, especially in a country that claims to be free, and separates church and state, like ours. Miscarriages, whether by a physician or nature, are more often than not done when there is not a viable embryo or the pregnant person's life is in danger. While there may be other reasons a person chooses to terminate a pregnancy such as financial hardships and safety concerns, it is not up to anyone else to decide if that is the right choice for a pregnant person. Being an ally for some causes and some groups of people but not others, or cherry-picking who should be able to do what based on personal beliefs and social status or race is discrimination, unethical, immoral, and downright mean. We, the public and community, do not have to approve of, accept, or tolerate the life decisions of others that do NOT directly affect our personal lives or family, but we do have to allow autonomy for those very challenging decisions and life choices to be made within a reasonable amount of time in the embryo's development without repercussions. Furthermore, in a country and state that claims to be equitable and fair, anti-abortion laws do NOT give equity or fairness to BOTH parties involved in a pregnancy. The non-pregnant parent in the situation of abortion is not ever held legally responsible for any child support, medical support, or providing a safe and nourishing home/childhood which is also discriminatory and sexist.  

2. Why is it important for you as a business owner to show your support for reproductive freedom?  

Our career and business are designed around wellness. Becoming a parent, or not, is a VERY personal decision that affects the well-being of a pregnant person should that right and choice be eliminated or reprimanded. We are advocates for social, community, and environmental well-being and this includes the possible effects of whether or not we, our staff, or our community members are allowed to make the right decisions for their bodies, family, reproductivity, and futures. We need people to know that Bargersville Wellness is a safe place for them as employees and customers regardless of race, gender, social status, or pregnancy status particularly because our community, and state, are NOT safe places for anyone who is not white or needs to make challenging decisions about their reproductivity.  

3. What would you tell a business owner who is on the fence about publicly showing their support for reproductive freedom? 

Please consider the basis of your beliefs and values. Most religions believe we need to love one another unconditionally, offer forgiveness, and support our fellow humans even when we disagree with them or their decisions.  

If you made time to read this, thank you. We always welcome non-violent, kind, and open communication with each of our employees, clients, and community members.  We also welcome any inquiry or responses via email at

-Blythe and Ashley

Bargersville, Indiana

Bargersville Wellness

we cannot wait to hear from you!

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