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Don’t do this at home!

Happy 2019 to you all! I hope that you have had a great start to the new year!

Today, let’s talk about dermaplaning. For any of you who do not already know, or need a refresher, dermaplaning is a service where I take a medical scalpel (a blade with no guard on dehydrated) and literally scrape off 15 layers (the stratum corneum) of dead skin as well as the fuzzy hair from your face. The result is super smooth skin allowing for better product penetration and makeup application. This is essentially the results of a chemical peel without the downtime.

Before we talk about your at-home options, I want to touch on the other “professional” services being offered. Much like threading (that will be the next post), unlicensed technicians are now offering their version of dermaplaning. Often with an oil or water-based solution (hydrated skin) and with a tool using a guard. Essentially, they’re shaving your face much like a cheap, plastic, OTC Bic would do. It is also very unlikely that they had professional training or are disposing of their utensils in a manner that allows from proper recycling.

Where there is a successful, in-demand, professionally licensed service, there will be an “at-home” option that follows. But, as always, the at-home options are never as productive, safe, sanitary, or environmentally friendly. When I am using a single blade on very dry skin (no oil or water-based barrier), those 15 layers of cells are able to be removed entirely and the hair will be cut much shorter than it would be with a razor using a guard. This is only about 50% as effective as what my colleagues and I can offer you allowing hair to grow back more quickly and skin cells to still prevent proper ingredient absorption. Why would we spend time and money of 50%?

Finally, before I step off of my soapbox, we offer an optional (skin/age/environmentally appropriate) chemical or enzyme peel. This allows us to not only treat the face more effectively but also to treat the neck and decolletage. No woman wants the cleavage of a 99-year-old before they actually turn 99.

That is all for today! Happy hump day, and if you don’t already, take a moment to share this post and follow me on Facebook and Instagram @blythe.e.potter! Thank you for reading!

Up next: why threading is disgusting and illegal for estheticians to perform. 


April 20, 2019

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