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We are always accepting resumes for wellness coordinator team members, estheticians, massage therapists, yoga teachers, cosmetologists, wellness coaches, and professionals in similar industries who wish to collaborate. 

Our wellness coordinators are the blood of Bargersville Wellness! These amazing humans help us with everything, and we mean EVERYTHING! They help us with appointment scheduling, client checkouts, cleaning, gardening the community spaces we care for, community events, community trash clean up, laundry, answering the phone, opening and closing the shop, helping us maintain our sanity, and more! We appreciate their time and energy more than words can explain!

Interested in joining our team? All of our WCs get to pick their hours via a google document; we never set your schedule but we do offer hours by seniority first.

The WC job description mimics the service provider responsibilities with the exception of license-specific tasks which includes, but may not be limited to, laundry, sweeping, checking in/out clients, listening to and responding to voicemail, answering and returning calls, opening and closing duties (all outlined in detail in our employee manual and on our cleaning lists), inventory, recycling/trash, dishes, checking the mail, social media (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook), answering and checking emails, helping with station prep, dusting, etc. 

We strive for an atmosphere and culture of autonomy and (non-violent) communication for all of our team members so, should you join our team, please keep this in mind! We are a learning culture salon which means we learn from our team as much as (if not more than) they learn from us!

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Why Bargersville?

Bargersville is one of the top 3 fastest growing cities in Indiana! With more than 1,000 new home permits, our city has an exceptional average household income within a five mile radius per the U.S. Census Bureau; greater than Greenwood, Franklin, or the Johnson County average. Join team BW in this rapidly growing community!  

Rent our yoga studio for your private event!

Our yoga studio is over 350 square feet and available for you to host educational classes, mini photography sessions, private parties, demonstrations, and more!
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