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Meet Your BW Spa Team!

  Your Bargersville Wellness spa team has more than 35 years of spa experience, thousands of hours of combined education, and an understanding of the power of and need for human touch. We strive to give each of our clients a customized experience during each service. We hope that you will make time to visit us regularly and incorporate self-care into your monthly wellness ritual!

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Interested in joining our team? All of our service providers get to pick their hours by availability and seniority with the opportunity to change those each quarter. We want to be sure you learn the business and know all of the tasks that go into running a shop of this size.

We also prefer to help one another out.

The BW service provider job description mimics the the responsibilities of ALL of our team; we work as a team together! These tasks include, but may not be limited to, license-specific tasks and standards, laundry, sweeping, checking in/out clients, listening to and responding to voicemail, answering and returning calls, opening and closing duties (all outlined in detail in our employee manual and on our cleaning lists), help with inventory, recycling/trash, dishes, checking the mail, social media (TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook), etc.

We strive for an atmosphere and culture of autonomy and (non-violent) communication for all of our team members so, should you join our team, please keep this in mind! We are a learning culture salon which means we learn from our team as much as (if not more than) they learn from us!

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