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Meet Emily B!

Hi! My name is Emily Barnard, I’m a wellness coordinator manager and the DEI Team co-manager here at Bargersville Wellness. I was born and raised in Franklin, Indiana and graduated Franklin Community High School in 2018. I currently live in Franklin with my boyfriend, Isaac, who is a barber, and our two dogs!
My sister, Sarah, started working at Bargersville Wellness in 2019 and thought it would be perfect for me, so I started in 2022 and couldn’t be happier. Since being with Bargersville Wellness, I’ve had the opportunity to take classes, attend community events, and meet so many new, friendly faces! I have loved getting into the community in Bargersville and growing my presence in Johnson County as a whole.
I am so proud to be apart of a team that values their employees, cares to grow and be involved with their community, and prioritizes sustainable beauty and caring for our planet. 

Bargersville, Indiana

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